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How To Guarantee Your Next Move Is Your Best

The sooner you start making your plans the less likely you are to make hasty incorrect decisions. We advise that you call in a Biddulphs consultant well in advance of your planned relocation date.

The consultant will listen to your requirements and discuss various options. You will be required to show the consultant all the items in your home which you are planning to ship and any special packing needs. In almost all cases, the cost of shipping relates to the volume of items to be shipped.

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Planning Your Move

What To Take When Moving Overseas

Our clients have advised us that moving their entire households and personal possessions makes sound economic and emotional sense. Selling effects seldom achieves a viable price and replacing them with your foreign currency allowance should be avoided. The emotional advantages are obvious: it is far easier to settle in a strange environment with familiar objects around you. However, certain electrical items may not be compatible at destination and our consultant will advise you on this.

Who To Contact

Biddulphs International offers road, sea and air transport. We have 11 branches and 6 sales offices throughout the Republic of South Africa, 3 branches in Zimbabwe and 1 in Botswana. The contact address for your nearest branch can be found on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

International Removals

Airfreight and Seafreight

Seafreight to most destinations in the world is cheaper than airfreight but specific advice will be given to you by our consultants.

Restrictions at origin

The SA Reserve Bank allows household and personal effects and motor vehicles and boats to be exported overseas by persons who are relocating.

Countdown To The Moving Day

  • Determine the approximate amount of expenses for which you will be responsible
  • Confirm your removal dates and complete and sign your quotation acceptance form and insurance proposal form
  • Notify the Biddulphs consultant if you add or subtract items from your shipment, or if there is any change in the date of the move or the destination
  • Visit your family doctor and stock up on essential medicines
  • Settle and close all charge accounts
  • Get a transfer letter from the principal of your children’s schools
  • Cancel all subscriptions to magazines, newspapers
  • Make arrangements for your pets’ travel
  • Notify your insurance company of your new details
  • Advise all parties of your change of address
International/Cross Border Moves

  • Have passport photos made and apply for your passport
  • Arrange a visit to the Receiver of Revenue, remembering to take your IRP5
  • Visit your commercial bank and have them attest your NEP bank form. If you are emigrating you will be required to complete an MP336(a) form and hand in your tax exemption/clearance certificate.
  • Cancel M-Net, DSTV and television licence
  • Advise the Department of Interior to cancel your identity book – if you are emigrating
  • Notify your local voters roll that you are emigrating
  • Passport
  • Visa / Temporary residence visa for country of destination
  • Extra passport photographs
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Driver’s licence – Find out what kind of licence is acceptable at destination
  • Check your insurance information to be sure that you are covered in the country of destination and take policies
  • Letters of employment in country of destination
  • Purchase invoice relating to vehicle
  • Import permits for motor vehicle
  • Police permit for firearms
  • Change of Residence Certificate for certain European countries
  • Rental contract if possible, in certain European countries

There are other documents required in various countries and our consultants can advise you in this regard.

Important Documents

  • Health records and prescriptions, including optometrist
  • Check your insurance information to be sure that you are covered in the country of destination and take policies
  • Marriage certificate, divorce decree and baptismal certificates for your children
  • Children’s school records
  • Your own work records, CV’s etc, diplomas, certificates
  • Name and contact details of Biddulphs International destination agent
  • Biddulphs International inventories of your consignment
  • Insurance Certificate relating to your consignment
  • Vehicle registration papers and duplicate keys
  • Personal telephone book

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