Palletised Storage

Warehouse Storage

Modern, Safe, Secure & Convenient Storage

Many clients need to store their household effects for a few weeks or months while they go house hunting in their new town or country. Biddulphs’s modern palletised storage and transit store warehouses offers clients a solution to this problem which is:

6 Reasons To Use Biddulphs Storage Facilities

Complete Convenience

Depending on the collection site, empty pallets are brought to your home, packed, closed and taken to our warehouse for safekeeping.

Palletised Storage

Reduces the amount of extra handling thus minimising the chance of damage to the furniture.

Total Security

All our facilities have 24 hour security, alarm systems and regular pest control treatment. All items placed into storage are tracked via an inventory, providing the tightest control.

Ease Of Access

With prior notice, storage loads are made available to clients at suitable times for handling. A charge is applicable for unstacking pallets, selecting items you may need and re-stacking.

Vehicle Storage

Biddulphs can also arrange storage for larger items such as boats, caravans, trailers and motor cars.

Country Wide Storage Options

Because of our branch network of 14 offices, all of which have storage warehouses, we are able to store your goods in a location convenient for yourself so that re-delivery can be effected quickly when required. Re-delivery in pallets is dependent on where your final destination will be.